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1. How do I activate my SIM Card?

The Telcel SIMs ship activated and you will only need to insert it in your phone upon arriving in Mexico. The SIM can be tested prior to leaving to confirm that it is functioning properly but mainly to make sure that your phone is properly unlocked.

2. What does it mean for a phone to be unlocked?

It means that your phone is able to operate on more then one cellular network. Generally, an unlocked phone has been purchased at full price from the retailer (directly from the Apple Store for example). Equally, some phones are factory unlocked for international use. The best way to find out if your phone is unlocked is to call your cellular provider which can also unlock your phone at your request.

3. What SIM does my phone use?

We ship 3 in 1 SIMs that can work as Standard (Regular), Micro or Nano SIM. Those 3 SIM sizes will fit all devices that use a SIM card.

4. Do you have LTE-capable SIMs?

All our SIMs are LTE-capable (where available - see coverage map on Open Signal), otherwise they will function with 3G service.

5. On which network does Telcel operate?

Telcel operates on the GSM 850/1900 bands for 3G service as well as UMTS 850 and LTE 1700MHz bands. Those bands are North American standards and nearly all of North American sold phones will work with these - provided that the phones are unlocked.

1. How long are the Minutes valid for?

The Minutes are valid 30 days from the Date of Arrival you specify at checkout. An additional Minutes refill will reset the 30-day expiry period of your Minutes.

2. How can I receive calls from the US/Canada? How do I call to the US/Canada or another person in Mexico?

Calling rules to, from and within Mexico can be tricky, please consult the Dialing Rules section of the FAQs for more info.

3. How much does it cost to receive a call?

Incoming calls are always free of charge (within Mexico) and this includes calls that are coming through our Call Forwarding service.

4. Can I be charged for extra usage?

No. Once you use all your Minutes, the service will stop working and you will be able to buy more if you want to. We do no store credit card information and cannot bill you for any extra usage.

1. How much does it cost to send a text message (SMS) to the US or Canada?

For Telcel customers, every text message (SMS) to US & Canada uses the equivalent of 2 Minutes of Airtime. Text messages (SMS) sent to Mexico use the equivalent of 1 Minute.

2. How do I send a text message (SMS) to the US or Canada?

You must either send it with +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx or with 001-xxx-xxx-xxxx

3. How can I receive a text message (SMS) from outside of Mexico?

The sender must send it as +521-xxx-xxx-xxxx or as +011-52-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx

4. How much does it cost to receive a text message (SMS)?

Just like calls, text messages (SMS) are free of charge to receive (while in Mexico).

5. Do applications like WhatsApp or iMessage use Data or Minutes?

Since those messages are sent using Data, they do not count as regular text messages (SMS) and hence do not use your Minutes balance but they will use a very tiny portion of your Data plan. iMessages sent in blue use Data whereas iMessages sent in green count as a regular text message (SMS).

1. Is Data valid throughout Mexico?

Yes. There is no roaming for Data in Mexico but Data plans will not work outside of Mexico.

2. Can I use Skype, Google Voice, Facetime or other VOIP to places calls?

Yes, many of Mexico SIM Card customers only buy a Data package and place their calls with VOIP applications.

3. Can I be charged for extra usage?

No. Once you use all your Data, the service will stop working and you will be able to buy another Data plan if you want to. We do no store credit card information and cannot bill you for any extra usage.

4. If I run out of Data, can I buy another package?

Yes, this can be done in the Refill Center section of our website.

5. Do you have LTE-capable SIMs?

Yes, we provide our customers with Micro and Nano SIMs that are LTE-capable (see coverage map for your destination on Open Signal).

6. What speeds can I expect?

You can expect upload and download speeds of between 1-5 Mbps for the 3G service and speeds of 10-15 Mbps in LTE-covered zones.

1. Telcel has by far the best coverage in Mexico with the widest LTE/4G network in Mexico.

2. For more information on coverage for a specific area, we recommend consulting Open Signal.

US customers: US orders are fulfilled via Amazon Fulfillment. Delivery time with Free Regular USPS shipping is 5 business days and it includes a USPS tracking number that you will receive once Amazon Fulfillment ships your order.

Canadian customers: We have a shipping center for Canadian orders in Quebec City and delays are 5 business days or less.

In a rush or already in Mexico? We can deliver your SIM to your Mexican destination on the next business day for only $19.95 (cutoff time is 4:00PM ET).

Cutoff time for Amazon orders for Two-Day and One-Day shipping is 4:00PM ET.

You will pick your shipping method at the very end of the checkout process.

Calling rules to, from and within Mexico can be tricky, here’s a simple guide.


To call a landline, dial 011-52-(10 digits phone number)To call a cellular, dial 011-52-1-(10 digits cellphone number)

Area codes are two or three digits.


Since January 2015, there is no roaming or long distance charges to make or receive calls in Mexico, the area code is therefore irrelevant, just as in the US.

To call a Mexican cellphone from a Mexican cellphone: 10 digits cellphone number


Dial (001)-(Area Code)-(7 digits number)


For a 1-800 number, dial 001-880-(7 digits number)For a 1-888 number, dial 001-881-(7 digits number)For a 1-877 number, dial 001-882-(7 digits number)For a 1-866 number, dial 001-883-(7 digits number)For a 1-855 number, dial 001-884-(7 digits number)


To Mexico: You send the text message (SMS) to the 10 digits cellphone numberTo US/Canada: You must add 001 before the 10 digits cellphone number or +1 before the 10 digits cellphone number


You send the text message (SMS) to +52-1-(10 digits cellphone number)

We are very proud to boast a return rate of less than 2% of our orders. We obviously try to accommodate our customers as much as we can.

Before your arrival to Mexico:

100% refund, SIM card will have to be returned at buyer’s expense. No refund for Express shipping services.

After your arrival to Mexico (and packages have been activated):

100% refund if service could not be used.


If your device is not unlocked and the Data and Minutes packages have been activated, we will not be able to process a refund. We strongly suggest that you test the SIM with your phone before leaving for Mexico and/or check the unlock status of your phone with your operator.

If there is a Telcel network problem or any issue arising from our operation that prevents you from using the service for a certain time, we will issue a credit based on the duration of the outage.